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November 21, 2022 ~ Kissing Ball Workshop

Learn how to make a Kissing Ball – a tradition that has been handed down to us from the Middle Ages.

 At that time, villagers would wind together twine and evergreen branches into a ramshackle ball shape and in the centre of the evergreens a small clay figure of an infant would be placed to represent the baby Jesus.  As time went on. the Victoria era would take a potato or apple and tie a ribbon around it as a hanger then stick springs of evergreen, holly and sweet herbs into the potato or apple until it was covered. The resulting ball not only looked beautiful but it smelled good as well! The herbs took on the romanticized symbolism common to the Victorian era. Herbs and plants spoke a unique and private symbolic language to Victorians and depending on what was used it could state love, affection, charity piety and more.

Join us and make your very own Kissing Ball and enjoy learning the old ways and romance of this very traditional Christmas decoration.

Participants will creation their own unique 'Kissing Ball' perfect for the holidays and winter season. Materials used will include boxwood, fresh cedar, pine, pine cones, winter berries, and more! All materials are supplied but participants are welcome to bring their own supplementary decorations. Pre-registration is required. 
Please bring own clippers and gloves.

Registration Fee: $40 for CHS Members Non-Members $55. Class size has a cap so register early! 

Facilitator: Mike Gibbs

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