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Waste Bin Painting Challenge
Open to registered CHS Youth Members aged 8 to 17. New Members always welcomed!
The Challenge: Submit an original mural design draft for selection by the CHS Youth
Challenge Committee. If your mural is selected, you will paint it on a community waste bin! Your design will spread a colourful, friendly message of environmentalism and positive waste management throughout Brock Township.
Winners: There are 8 community waste bins available to be painted! Participants can
submit a mural in teams or as individuals. 8 designs will be selected, the youth artist or
artist group will paint their design on a single bin. This means there are 8 opportunities for
youth individuals or teams to win!
Painting Requirements:
★ Design a mural to be painted on a waste bin that spreads a colourful, friendly
pro-environment, anti-littering, clean green spaces message.
★ Colour scheme is limited due to the rust-proof paint required for the waste bins. Express
yourself full using primary colours for great impact and a lasting finish on your bin!
★ Mural designs will be selected according to:
1. Creative interpretation of an anti-litter message.
2. Colourful impact, inclusive community representation and/or lively representation of
3. Its ease of application on a community waste bin.

For more info or to register please contact us. 416 894 8564.


Rainbow Gardening Youth Challenge

Calling all youth - get growing this summer and create your own Rainbow Garden! CHS will provide you with seeds and teach you how to grow your very own colourful garden!

Register with CHS to be part of this fun challenge. Information sheets and entry forms available by request. New members are always welcome to join!

Contact: Courtney-Ann: 416 894 8564

Deadline to submit garden photos: Sept. 17th

All entries will be judged and prizes awarded at the CHS September meeting. 

Congratulations to all 
the 2021 Thumbs Up Award 
Winners! Your beautiful gardens are a wonderful addition to our communities

2021 Winners

Linda Graham

Meadowland Drive, Cannington

Linda Graham's Thumbs Up Porch 2021.jpg

Arlene Matthews & Brad Blondin

Cameron St, Cannington

Arlene Matthews & Brad Blondin.jpg

Brian & Patricia French

David Cres., Cannington

Jim & Larraine Wemyss

Munro St. Cannington

Ralph & Pia Maleus

Fairgrounds Lane, Sunderland

Tina Grogan

Jones St. Sunderland

Tina Grogan Thumbs Up 2021.jpg

Bill Gibson
Water  Street. Sunderland

Bill Gibson Sunderland Thumbs Up.jpg
Denise Gordon
Albert St., North,  Sunderland

Past Events

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Featured Gardens:

Eva & Albert Marosan
Scott Turner
Brenda & Steve Young
Angela & Rick Hubers 
Sharon & Ken Murray
Carole & Frank Ditomaso
Darlene & Brian Hadden
Julie & David Gribble

Thank you to all the Host Gardeners, volunteers & visitors who made this garden tour a wonderful success!