Special Events

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Sensory Garden 
Youth Challenge 2022

Participants were encouraged to create a peaceful place to rest and invoked all of the senses; touch, smell, sight, sound and taste – into their very own Sensory Garden.

Winners were announced at the September 26 CHS Meeting. 

Congratulations to the following Youth Members!

Group 1 Ages 8 - 12

First Prize + $100 Emma Campbell

Second Prize + $50 Weir Family, Victoria, Veronica and David

Third Prize + $50 Swan Family, Alexandra and Chelsea

Fourth Prize + $50 Colleen Yates

Group 2 Ages 13 - 17

First Prize + $100 Claira Yates

Second Prize + $50 Olivia Jones

Honourable Mention to:

Timothy Bauer, Edison Jones and Hunter Pandolfi for their amazing Sensory Gardens as well!

Youth Chair: Sandy Jeronimo


Garden Tour C. Ditomaso 21 back garden.jpg

CHS Garden Share & Visit 


Held over the summer season of 2022 for the first time the club offerd all participants a chance to share  skills and plant expertise; learn from our community; show off our work and work in progress plus connect for social time and chat around the wonderful subject of horticulture.

 Thank you to the following members who opened their gardens for the first every 'Garden Visit & Share 2022'.

Carole Ditomaso

Mary Beerman

Lynne Davidson

Elena Roberts

Ursula Kressibucher

Eva Marosan

Scott Turner & Richard Dickinson

Ainsley Gillespie

We hope all the visitors enjoyed this unique opportunity and hope you will consider getting involved next season to repeat the event!

Congratulations to all 
the 2022 Thumbs Up Award Winners! 


2022 Winners

Anne Cameron

Blackwater Road, Blackwater

Anne Cameron Blackwater.jpg

Lauren Hardy

Robmar Cres. Manilla

Lauren Hardy Robmar Cres Manilla.jpg

Mary Beerman

Simcoe St. Manilla

Mary Beerman  Simcoe St. Manilla.jpg

Dorothy Danilko

Laidlaw St. S., Cannington

Dorothy Danilko 1 Laidlaw St. Cannington.jpg

Leann O'Connell

Laidlaw St. N., Cannington

Leann O'Connell Cannington Laidlaw St..jpg

Thanh Nguyen

St. John St. Cannington

Thanh Nguyen, St. John St Cannington.jpg

Samantha Horvath & Brittany Hockin

Maple St. Sunderland

Sunderland - Samantha.jpg

Diane Marshall & Julie Chafe

Neighbours who created the garden together!

Antioch Blvd.  Sunderland

Sunderland - joint winner.jpeg

Past Events

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