October 25, 2021 7:30pm

Designing with Ornamental Grasses with Anna Mizyn 

Location: Cannington Baptist Church

Anna Mizyn was born in Poland where she studied horticulture, Anna came to Canada in the late 1980’s and started her garden enterprise in the early 1990’s. Today, her family operation Anna’s Perennials covers over 90 acres where she grows a wide range of plants for show and for sale.


Although succulents and cacti are two of her specialties Anna has been growing and designing with ornamental grasses for decades. From species that thrive on the borders of ponds and wetland to the statuesque and towering grasses that love dry and sunny locations, Anna’s gardens showcase an ornamental grass for every environment.


As the effects of the climate crisis become ever more evident growing and designing with grasses becomes a more important tool in the gardener’s planting book. Perennial grasses offer many benefits from prevention of erosion, improving water retention, and the deep roots of some native grasses promote the soil-food-web.


Anna’s presentation will teach us the how’s and why’s of “Designing with Ornamental Grasses” and she will be bringing a broad selection of grasses for sale as well.


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2021 Meeting Schedule - Tentative due to Covid restrictions 


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April 24  Cancelled due to provincial shutdown-Seedy Saturday - Co-Hosted by Beaverton, Cannington and Georgina-Brock 

April  26 -   ' The Olive of the North: Seabuckthorn Trees'  with Darryl Tims - Online Presentation


June 6  - Plant Sale  Brock 2020 Gardens, 199 Laidlaw St. North, Cannington

     Donations from your garden welcomed -please drop off from May 28 to sale date at above location 4 to 8pm

May 31 - 'The Zen of Horticulture: Bonsai' with Joan Greenway & Lorraine Craymer - Online Presentation

June 28 -  'Regenerative Agriculture' with Jocelyn Molyneux - Online Presentation

July  11 - Exclusive CHS Garden Tour - CHS Members Only 10am Free to members ~limited space must pre-register 

July/August - Summer Youth Workshops - in the works! Rainbow Gardening Challenge and a Waste Bin Painting Design

September 27  'Gardening in a Rapidly Warming World' with Neil Turnbull, Landscape Architect + 2020 AGM 

October 25 - 'Designing with Ornamental Grasses' with Anna Mizyn

November 22 -  Workshop: 'Woodsy Winter Wreath' with Scott Turner from the The Wild Garden

                              Pre-registration required + material fee. Limited space Depending on Covid Regulations

December 6 -  CHS Annual General Meeting, Awards Presentation, Photography Show & Festive Refreshments