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Come out to one of our monthly meetings and see what we are doing. Expert speakers, Floral Shows, Civic Beautification, Workshops and more all part of our activities within the horticultural world!

We hope you will join us to learn, grow and enjoy!

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2021 Season is here! Join us and get your gardening gloves on!
  • Special thank you to our hosts, Neil & Carolyn Turnbull and Carole Ditomaso for an amazing tour! The lucky CHS members who attended were treated to a personal guided tour that impressed at every turn.
  • Look for the 2021 Thumbs Up Award Winners in Cannington and Sunderland!
  • Check out our Youth Challenge for 2021 - see Special Events page for more details! 
  • Rainbow Gardening Challenge AND Waste Bin Painting Challenge!
  • Register with CHS to get involved in either of these fun summer challenges!                                 
learn, grow & enjoy with CHS
Thumbs Up Garden Winner 2021
Sunderland Lions' Walking Trail
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Butterfly by Pat Rose
Linda Graham's Thumbs Up Porch 2021
CHS Planter boxes 2021
Hedgerow Farm Arbor
Ralph and Pia Maleus Thumbs Up 2021
Exclusive Garden Tour 2021- Perennial Woods